3 Steps to Disabling Access from Microsoft Office to Dropbox with iOS 9

Cortado Mobile Solutions publishes a guide which easily shows companies how to close a major security gap

Tuesday, July 21, 2015 — Cortado Mobile Solutions, developer of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, has created a step-by-step guide showing companies how to block access from Microsoft Office to Dropbox with Apple’s improved iOS 9, thereby closing a major security loophole.


Microsoft Office is one of the most popular business apps for the iPhone and iPad, alongside Apple’s Keynote, Pages and Numbers. In its free version, Microsoft Office enables access to Dropbox. A significant cause of concern for many companies is that this access is not through the standard iOS interface, but via a prohibitive method. This has the disadvantage that access to Dropbox cannot be blocked by a mobile device management system, with the exception of Microsoft’s Intunes.

With iOS 9, Apple has improved its operating system to the point that with just a few simple steps, documents edited in Microsoft Office can no longer be accidentally transferred to Dropbox’s cloud. 

All that is required to block the cloud storage provider is a VPN. Even an OpenVPN can be used. The minimum requirement is simply that the native iOS VPN clients, for example IPSec, are supported.

Also necessary is an enterprise mobility system or mobile device management system, like Cortado Corporate Server for example. Cortado Corporate Server is focused on the native management of apps and offers a highly productive alternative to Dropbox thanks to secure access to the corporate file server.

How exactly access to Dropbox is blocked is described step-by-step in the following white paper: http://corporateserver.cortado.com/disable-dropbox-access

A fully functional demo version of the latest software is available at corporateserver.cortado.com/CCS-7-4-trial

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Silke Kluckert

Public Relations Manager

Cortado Holding AG