Cortado Co-Founds App Developer Alliance to Make Finding Business Apps Easy

The Mobile Business Alliance, founded by Cortado Mobile Solutions together with ten app developers, launches its business app market

Wednesday, September 16, 2015 — Cortado Mobile Solutions, manufacturer of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, together with ten app developers, has founded the Mobile Business Alliance. The mission of the Mobile Business Alliance is to enable companies to find the most suitable apps for their specific business markets created with their unique needs in mind. All apps featured in the app market can be immediately rolled out to mobile devices without any adaptation – instantly simplifying and speeding up mobile processes within companies.

More and more companies are enabling employees to be more productive when working on the go. This process was historically difficult because useful business apps were hidden among thousands of consumer apps within the app stores.

Help now comes in the form of Cortado Mobile Solution’s newly founded Mobile Business Alliance. In a specially created business app market, companies can search and download apps as they need. The apps are sorted based on a number of criteria including, their area of use, industry, what is offered as well as the operating system. If the company has an appropriate enterprise mobility solution, the app can then be instantly rolled out and used thanks to the app management feature.

If an app must first be created or adapted to the specific needs of a customer then, among others, the Alliance Partners come into play. Among the first partners of the Mobile Business Alliance are the app developers Apinauten, engomo, enough Software, Fliplet, ProTeam, smapOne, solid gears, Teamplace, Touching Code and ThinPrint Cloud Services.

“Through our business app market, companies can quickly find suitable apps to optimize their mobile business processes,” said Kristin Montag, chief communications officer at Cortado Mobile Solutions. “Combined with the latest versions of iOS and Android and our enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, companies can instantly roll out business apps and use them productively and securely.”

More information about the Mobile Business Alliance can be found at:

Interested app developers can also apply to include their apps in the business app market and join the Alliance via the Mobile Business Alliance website.

Silke Kluckert

Public Relations Manager

Cortado Holding AG