Cortado: Secure Virtual Data Rooms for External Workers

The on-premises file sharing solution Cortado Corporate Server now enables collaboration with external workers in firewall-protected data rooms

Monday, August 29, 2016 — Cortado Mobile Solutions, manufacturer of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, announces the availability of a new version. Cortado Corporate Server 8.3 expands its productivity features to include secure virtual data rooms for external workers and subcontractors. In these firewall-protected virtual rooms, these employees can use the solution to access shared files and edit them in collaboration with internal employees.

Companies constantly face the challenge of providing external workers with access to certain documents and the ability to edit files jointly. Previously, companies had to share files by sending documents via email or making them available on public cloud solutions.

Cortado Corporate Server 8.3 overcomes these challenges. Its new virtual data room feature enables employees to set up project spaces for exchanging documents on a separate physical or virtual server. Here, internal and external workers can access files and work on joint projects securely.

The rights to set up virtual data rooms and to invite internal and external workers are held by the project owner. He or she also decides on the allocation of rights of individual users. The virtual data rooms can be accessed from mobile devices or a desktop computer. The user interface is like a file manager with options to move, rename, upload or download the files. If files are edited, Cortado Corporate Server provides fully trackable versioning.

“Customers are always telling us they wish they were able to share files with their subcontractors or freelancers – and without having to use the unsecured public cloud,” said Armin Lungwitz, CIO of Cortado Mobile Solutions GmbH. “We’ve fulfilled their wish. Users can use Cortado Corporate Server intuitively, without switching between different applications. With this, we provide another productivity feature in addition to file access and mobile printing, for all the companies that expect more from enterprise mobility than just the management of devices.”

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