Cortado: Smartphone to Productivity Tool in Just 90 Seconds

Cortado Corporate Server enables complete, automated integration of Apple mobile devices into the corporate network

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 — Cortado Mobile Solutions, provider of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, today announces that its new version 8.0 FR 1 now supports Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP). This makes it possible to automatically integrate iOS devices into the corporate network in only 90 seconds. Unlike other solutions, Cortado Corporate Server also automatically provides access to corporate resources, such as file access and the printing infrastructure. The need for IT departments to physically configure devices is eliminated, with no interaction necessary on the end-user side to set up iPhones and iPads.

More companies are moving towards the corporate-owned, personally enabled model (COPE), providing employees with mobile devices for personal and business use. Apple’s DEP is recommended to easily roll out these devices. To use this service, an appropriate mobile device management (MDM) solution that supports the service is required. Cortado Mobile Solutions has implemented this feature with the update to Cortado Corporate Server 8.0. Cortado’s product covers not just the mere initial operation of the devices, but also the automatic setup of access to corporate resources.

With the latest version of Cortado Corporate Server, manual MDM configuration of corporate-owned iOS devices is no longer necessary. In just one easy step, administrators can set up a large number of iOS devices, without physically having to be present with the devices. The devices can then be sent, still unopened, to employees on-site or bought by employees in branch offices from an official Apple partner and preconfigured for their setup. Nevertheless, companies keep full control over devices and data. The configuration set in Cortado Corporate Server is automatically transferred to the device. DEP increases security, because the devices always connect with Cortado Corporate Server. This means that if devices are lost or stolen, they are unable to be used by unauthorized persons. This is carried out at the operating level system and cannot be bypassed by users. In addition, DEP is the only way to place devices into Apple’s secure Supervised Mode “over the air”, without the need to physically configure devices.

“Our solution together with DEP allows IT departments to integrate iPhones and iPads in just a few moments into the corporate IT network with minimal effort,” said Armin Lungwitz, CIO at Cortado Mobile Solutions. “Cortado Corporate Server doesn’t cover just the setup of devices, but employees also work more productively right from the beginning, accessing documents and print infrastructure. And all this takes place automatically. Enterprise mobility has never been this easy.”

The company has created a short video to show how DEP works:

More information about Cortado Corporate Server 8.0 FR 1 and DEP as well as a free demoversion can be found at: