Cortado Unveils Enhanced Enterprise Mobility Offerings for Service Providers

Cortado Corporate Server’s new multi-tenant capabilities ensures maximum security with minimal operating costs and administrative effort

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 — Cortado Mobile Solutions, manufacturer of the productivity-enhancing enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, today announced the release of the multi-tenant version of its software. Service providers can now create secure and separate areas for individual business customers on a single server, while managing all customer accounts through a centralized management console. The multitenancy capability allows service providers to significantly lower hardware costs and increase efficiency and simplicity in managing devices and apps.

Without multitenancy, service providers offering mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) to their customers required a separate server for each business customer for security reasons. The consequences were high hardware costs and complicated setup and management of new customers.

With the multi-tenant version of Cortado Corporate Server, service providers can create strictly separate areas for multiple business customers on just one server. Each tenant has their own SQL database and connection to Microsoft’s Active Directory.

“With the new multi-tenant feature, Cortado is meeting the needs of service providers who want to offer their customers enterprise mobility combined with maximum security, minimal operating costs and little administrative effort,” said Armin Lungwitz, CIO of Cortado Mobile Solutions. “This feature is also ideal for companies that want to manage individual sites or subsidiaries separately.”

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