Majority of Users Trust Inherent Security of Mobile Operating Systems – Germans More Skeptical than British

Cortado Mobile Solutions asked business users and IT managers in the UK and Germany about their views on mobile work

Monday, December 14, 2015 — Cortado Mobile Solutions, provider of the enterprise mobility solution Cortado Corporate Server, asked in July 2015 a total of 215 business users and IT managers in Germany and UK about their experiences with mobile work. The results show the levels of confidence in mobile operating systems in addition to cultural differences between the countries and the increasing demands placed on enterprise mobility.

Some of the results:

  • All of the users were of the opinion that Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS are the most advanced operating systems.
  • More than half of the users (52%) place more trust in the operating system they use than a security solution of a third-party provider.
  • Android and iOS users (around 60%) believe that their relevant operating system is

significantly more technically mature than Windows Phone users (32%).

  • None of the respondents believes that BlackBerry is a leading operating system.
  • In the United Kingdom, Android users are more impressed by Android than Apple users are by iOS.
  • In Germany however, Apple users are more impressed by iOS than Android users

are by Android.

  • In Germany (41%), the level of trust placed in the security of the operating system is lower than in the United Kingdom (61%).
  • In relation to security, significantly more users generally swear by the iOS operating system than they do by the Android operating system.
  • The demands placed on an enterprise mobility solution have increased: access to the internal file server is the top productivity function for 65.6% of the respondents; printing, a function that not many people would immediately think of, is still considered to be an important feature by one in three of the respondents.


The complete Research Note with the detailed results and graphics can be downloaded for free.

Silke Kluckert

Public Relations Manager